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What are Colleges Looking for in an Essay?

College application essays are not just about the perfect score and grades, but about your personality, your extracurricular activities, your life goals, and many more things. You need to breathe life into your write my essay. Grabbing the admission officer’s attention and make him read your essay should be your first priority.

There are many things an admission officer looks for in your essay. You need to cover all those things in your essay application. To stand out from the crowd of the other applicants, learn to write the perfect college essay from our article and begin writing.


The main purpose of a college essay is to get to know the student’s personality. But the other most important thing the admission officer looks for in the essay is how well a student can write. They look for evidence that a student can write well and support his points with a logical argument.

They also look to the essay for evidence that the student has an ability to paint a picture in the reader’s mind through his words. It is important to retain your own voice. Present your story in concise, clear and natural language.


Admission officers read hundreds of essays, they can easily recognize the who’s telling the truth and who is making a story. Originality counts. The admission officers want to know your real personality not the makeup of any other write essay for me personality.

Hence, reveal your real personality, reveal what motivates you and drive you to think why you deserve a place at the college you are applying to.


Creativity is the key to impress someone. College essays are intended to see the student’s critical thinking skills. Admission officer wants to see how well you can present yourself, and how good your writing skills are.

The college essay is the only chance you get to show your personality. So, make your story interesting and informative as well. Show yourself as a unique person and stand out from the crowd of other applicants. Your essay should show your creativity but without being cheesy.

Clarity of Thoughts

It is very important to be clear in your mind. If your thoughts and ideas are not clear in your own mind, you can’t present them clearly on the paper. As you have to show your creativity in your essay, you need to show your clear thoughts to the admission officer. This comes through the content of your how to start an essay.

Every student who needs to write a college essay has the same data, same guidance and same tricks, what makes an essay unique is the conclusion that the student draw. The admission officer looks to the essay for students’ power of reasoning, analysis and the ability to connect the dots to discover the pattern.

The Random Personal Fun Facts

Your unique personality does count. State the amazing personal fun facts about you to make yourself stand out. Admission officers read several essays every semester. They are tired of reading the same stories. They want something unique which is not very common.

Hence if you want to impress the officer, state the amazing and random fun facts about you. Don’t feel shy or nervous being yourself, show your real self to the admission officer.

A Perfect Hook Statement?

A hook statement is intended to grab the reader’s attention and admission officers specifically look for the hook statement. Writing a perfect hook is really important to make a good impression on the admission officer’s mind. Let’s see how you can write a perfect hook to make your 5StarEssays stand out. The following things you can use to make a perfect hook:

  • Use metaphors and similes to make your essay beautiful from the jump
  • Use anecdotes
  • Provide some interesting facts about yourself
  • Start with a quotation that suits your personality perfectly
  • Ask a rhetorical question to make the reader think critically.

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