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Mistakes That You Should Avoid in Your College Application Essay

Essay writing is a daunting task, that’s why students make a lot of mistakes while writing an essay. We have compiled a list of things that you should avoid while writing an essay.

Don’t Wait for The Last Minute

The college admission process includes several steps, you need to give an entry test, provide educational documents, make a CV, write a write my essay and many other things. Hence, if you wait for the last moment to write your essay, you are going to have a lot of work to complete.

Deadline stress won’t allow you to write a good essay. badly written and rushed essays don’t accurately convey your message. Hence, give yourself plenty of time to brainstorm, write, review, proofread and make your essay flawless.

Don’t Rely Totally on The Spellcheck

As technology is becoming advance day by day, tools are becoming more efficient as well. Spellcheck is also one of the helping tools which correct the spelling and grammatical mistakes. Although they are very efficient, you still can’t totally rely on them. Make sure you review your essay even after you have run spellcheck through your essay.

Sometimes, our wrong word is also the right word which a spellcheck tool won’t correct i.e. you want to write “then” but you have written “than”. It changes the meaning of the whole sentence, but the spellcheck will not correct it because the word is syntactically correct, and spellcheck doesn’t correct the semantics. Hence you need to make sure you give your essay a thorough review.

Don’t Copy Paste

Plagiarism can ruin your whole essay and you might risk losing a seat in the college. It reflects poorly on your character. Even if you like someone’s line extremely, and you want to add it in your essay, you should rephrase it. Change it into your own word, don not just copy-paste it.

Other’s essay might be a great essay and you may have liked it, but it won’t give the reflection of your distinct personality traits. You should believe in your own abilities and should craft your own perfect story.

Don’t Repeat Your Resume

Admission officers already have your resume, they don’t need another copy of write essay for me. They want a slice of your personality in college essays. It is your chance to reveal something unique about your personality that can’t be found in other parts of your application.

Don’t Lie

As we all know, “honesty is the best policy”. Most of the students think that exaggerating things and telling a lie in a college essay is important to impress the admission officer. But that’s not the case, you need to tell the truth, you need to give a snippet of your real personality.

In an effort to sell yourself, don’t go overboard and lie to make yourself a hero of your story. Your story might look impressive but admission officers can easily recognize who’s laying and bragging about their achievement.

Don’t Forget to Proofread and Edit

Wring is not the only thing that you have to do for crafting a compelling essay. there is a lot more work to do once you are done with the writing process. The editing processes.

After finalizing your essay, you need to give your essay a review to remove the mistakes. Proofread your essay, check for grammatical and spelling mistakes, check for sentence structure, check the paragraphs are connecting with each other? Read it out loud, see if your story is making sense? Check if your story is in logical flow?

Never forget to proofread your essay, you might ruin your chance of getting admission in college.

Don’t Exceed Word Count Limit

Word count is arguably annoying, but it is critically important. Completing your do my paper in a given word count limit is also a part of writing skills, which the admission officer wants to see. They gave a specific word count limit, just to see how well you can craft your story given the word count limit. Including all important details, not missing any relevant information, limiting your essay in the given word count limit.

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